I went back to Fort Greene today to play tennis. Even though we are in mid-November the weather and the color of the trees made it a perfect day to play tennis or simply take a walk in Fort Greene Park today. I wrote “went back” because Fort Greene was (almost) the very first place where I lived when I first moved to NY in May 2008.

I was sharing a very nice 2 bedroom apartment in a very interesting building called the Chocolate Factory in Clinton Hill (2mn away) at the corner of Washington Av and Park Av (not the one on the UES thank god!). The BQE was not far and we could hear it but the apartment was very well soundproof, had a nice ceiling height and a beautiful natural light. What could I ask more for a first “real estate experience” in NY?
At this time I was a model, looking for an agency that would sponsor me for a visa and I had no idea I would become a real estate agent who would visit some of the nicest apartments in the most luxury buildings of the Big Apple.

The only problem at that time was the public transportation. The apartment was a good 20 mn bike ride to reach the F or Q train to go to Manhattan. There was also the option to take the G train but at that time it was probably as good as the tramway (cablecar) in Milan, Italy. Have you ever tried it? You should… just don’t if you have a meeting and you need to be there on time.
Obviously in nine years the neighborhood changed a lot and everyone interested in Brooklyn knows that Fort Greene is one of the nicest area in Brooklyn to live. Apartments are quite expensive now, the average price per sq/ft is around $1,182 down there and you can easily spot the new condo buildings or brand new renovated multi family Townhouses from developers. This is a sign that prices in the area will most probably go up…
I was lucky enough to see the beauty of Brooklyn when I first arrived in New York and at this time the Real Estate was still affordable. It now became very hard to find an apartment in Fort Greene at a good price. You can find cheaper prices in Manhattan BUT…
I always loved Brooklyn and never quite understood why it was cheaper than Manhattan for what it offers: the architecture, the beauty of the Brownstones, the charm of the restaurants especially if they have an outdoor space, the amount of natural light you get in the streets as there are almost no high rise, the quietness in the streets, the people, the parks, and today the tennis courts.

I will talk more in details about Fort Greene in a future post but I thought it was a nice first post as Fort Greene was the location of “my first apartment in NY”.

I stayed in this apartment for one month, not because I did not like it but because I had to come back to Paris as my first trip in New-York was over. I came back a month after with a visa by Ford Model in hand, it was 9 years ago.

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